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A more critical look at the man known today by most as one of the greatest scientists of all time. A unique and thought-provoking narrative quite at odds with the generally-accepted dogma. How exactly, did Einstein rise to become so revered today? This is also the story of Mileva Einstein-Marity, a little-known woman who just so happened to be Einstein’s first wife. When Einstein presented his famous ‘Annus Mirabilis’ or ‘Wonder Year’ papers in 1905, Mileva was of equal training in the fields of mathematics and physics, and more accomplished than Einstein in many other disciplines. McAuliffe has endeavoured to delve into Albert and Mileva’s interaction and personal relationship together in their scientific work.

Einstein Himself Softcover

  • Gloss soft cover 229mm x 152mm x 41.54mm

    660 pages


    Black and white pages

    ISBN 978-0-6458042-0-1


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